Covid 19 impact on the Energy Sector

Covid 19 impact on the Energy Sector

The Energy Sector has remained unaffected during the entire COVID-19 period despite employees working from home for the past 2 years. With no doubt, the pandemic situation gifted challenges to several industries during this hard time, but the Energy Sector continued its offerings and also improved efficiency. For the past several years, along with the prolonged Coronavirus disease time, the industry has witnessed some trends that proved to be beneficial and worthy.

The recent trends observed in the Energy Sector include Energy Storage, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Renewable Energy.

Energy is highly demanded from all the industries and hence witnesses several improvements from time to time. The most effective energy sector allows steady pricing by positively maintaining the increasing demand by end-users. In response to this increasing demand as well as improvements, the said sector has adopted and greatly innovated with the best solutions to users and profit to the energy providers. Electric storage systems provide unique sets of technological solutions that improve power supply while making the Energy Sector resilient and also save money for further utilities and customers.

The different energy storage methods are classified as mechanical, batteries, hydrogen, and thermal. Every storage form is capable of saving consumers’ money without compromising on resilience, dependability, low environmental impacts, and power source integration.

In the early days, the electric power used during construction implements central architecture offered several drawbacks to the industry. Hence, there was the need of launching the Internet of Things that helps recognize these drawbacks and offer optimal efficiency design to make up the energy system. Now, the technology trends in the energy sector are referred to as the automation of power infrastructure for producing energy. The key benefits include reduced insufficiency, decrease in energy wastage, and saving of money.

Blockchain is one of the most eye-catchy emerging trends in the energy sector. It has considerably drawn the attention of start-ups, governments, energy supply firms, academic institutions, financial institutions, and technology developers. This technology focuses on bringing together all the stakeholders’ energy under a single de-centralized system. Today, smart users enjoy this from using smart contracts. Their agreements ensure an immutable and safe route for all energy-related transactions, which also reduces loss. Blockchain technology is also capable of achieving a significant degree of equity among consumers and energy generators. Hence, the Blockchain trend is said to transform Energy Sector.

Renewable energy is yet another emerging trend that aids and protects the environment by releasing the least pollutants. The main aim of renewable energy is to obtain energy from reliable sources. These include wind, sun, and geothermal sources, which are later converted to fuel or power. One of the latest trending technologies in renewable energy is different technologies that address unique facets of power. In addition, heat generation from renewable sources. This eventually reduces the cost of making renewable infrastructure and improving power generation efficiency.

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