Space Crew Commences the Week with Space Ecology and Robotics

Expedition 65 kicks off the week with a host of space ecology and robotics events aboard the International Space Station, yesterday (20th September 2021).

Five cosmonauts out of the seven crew members who consist of the space station crew met each other. This is for a review of the forthcoming research processes with rodents. The five made an evaluation of the responsibilities and techniques for the research. This is in order to learn how microgravity impacts normal skin and therapeutic functions. The cosmonauts will take tries transporting the mice from the Mouse Habitat Unit to the Life Sciences Glovebox for examination.

Full-fledged strategies for the Rodent Research-1 Experiment will start today (21st September 2021). It will continue prior to the SpaceX Cargo Dragon’s come back to Earth with the rodents on 30th September 2021.

NASA Flight Engineers Megan McArthur and Shane Kimbrough will trade changes on 21st September along with the following

NASA Flight Engineer Mark Vande Hei will also participate in the experimentation later in the week.

Roles of each crew member on 20th September 2021 –

  • Kimbrough began Monday checking out and initiating the toaster-size Astrobee robotic fee-flyers. This is in collaboration with engineers on the floor.
  • Hoshide set out his day obtaining DNA from microbe samples. This is for sequencing to comprehend the microbial environment of the station.
  • McArthur replaces fuel bottles within the Combustion Integrated Rack.
  • Pesquet began student-controlled Earth observation hardware. He then washed up debris in order to help the Plant Habitat-04 space crop research.

Astronauts Oleg Novitskiy and Pyotr Dubrov are ongoing to set up hardware, as well as cables and laptop computers. This is in the interior of the Nauka multipurpose laboratory module. The new equipment will allow the crew to operate the European Robotic Arm from both inside and outside the station. The duo then split up on Monday afternoon for Russian communications work and life support assistance

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