Lunar Eclipse 2021: Comprehensive guide for the Super Blood Moon

Lunar Eclipse 2021: Comprehensive guide for the Super Blood Moon

Lunar Eclipse 2021: The eastern atmosphere to witness an unusual Super Blood Moon on May 26, just following a total Lunar Eclipse.

The total Lunar Eclipse will be evident mainly from the following regions:
  • Eastern Asia
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Major parts of North and South America
  • Australia

For the majority of India, the moon will be beneath the eastern horizon throughout the total Lunar Eclipse and so folks will not be capable to look at the Blood Moon. Those residing in eastern India will see only the extremely last part of the Lunar Eclipse, very near to the eastern horizon, just prior to moonrise.

“On the night of May 26, the sun, earth, and moon unite in a way that the Full Moon will also surpass for some time as seen from Kolkata. The moon on its voyage all around the earth will be passing away across the earth’s shadow and will be completely eclipsed,” says the astrophysicist. Along with then is the Director of MP Birla Planetarium, Debiprasad Duari. The partial eclipse of the moon will begin at about 3:15 pm and end at 6:22 pm in Kolkata.

Super Blood Moon: Here is your 10-tip guide

  1. A Full Moon or commonly, supermoon when it is nearest to the Earth in its orbit. This typically occurs once every year.
  2. The totally eclipsed moon will seem reddish in color, therefore the name Blood Moon
  3. “The eclipsed moon is vaguely lit up by red-orange light leftover from all of the sunsets. This is along with sunrises happening across the globe at that time”: NASA
  4. “The extra dust or clouds in Earth’s environment during the eclipse, the redder the moon will seem”: NASA
  5. A brighter and larger Full Moon can be witnessed on May 26
  6. At perigee (nearest to the earth) a Full Moon appears 30% larger and 14% brighter than a normal Full Moon
  7. The moon will be at its perigee precisely at about 7:23 pm. This is at a distance of 3,57,309 km from the Earth
  8. Like every Full Moon, the supermoon soars in the east about sunset and sets in the west about sunrise
  9. The May Full Moon is also known as a Flower Moon since it occurs in the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere
  10. The subsequent total Lunar Eclipse will take place on May 16, 2022. However, it will not be evident from the Indian subcontinent. The Lunar Eclipse of November 8, 2022, will be witnessed from India.

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