Elon Musk mentions that his Starlink Satellite Internet Service receives over 500,000 pre-bookings

Elon Musk mentions that his Starlink Satellite Internet Service receives over 500,000 pre-bookings
Key highlights of the article:
  • The Starlink satellite Internet service pre-booking charges are $99 (approximately INR 7,300) in the US.
  • The US FCC previous month approves SpaceX’s proposal to install few Starlink satellites at a lower earth orbit.

SpaceX receives over 500,000 pre-bookings for its Starlink satellite Internet service and expects no technical difficulties fulfilling the demand, founder Elon Musk mentions on 4th May.

Musk tweets, reacting to a post from a CNBC reporter which mentions that the $99 (nearly INR 7,300) deposits SpaceX got for the service were completely refundable and did not assure service:

“The only constraint is the high-level density of consumers in urban areas. Most probably, all of the preliminary 500 thousand will obtain the service. More of a task when we move into the numerous million consumer range.”

“More of a task when we get into the numerous million user range,” Musk adds.

SpaceX has not yet put a date for Starlink’s service release, but industrial service would not be an offering possible in 2020 as it had formerly planned.

The firm plans to finally install 12,000 satellites in total. It also mentions the Starlink constellation will cost approximately $10 billion (nearly INR 73,840 crores).

Developing and dispatching rockets to outer space is a capital-intensive business. However, two of the planet’s richest men (names below) invest billions of dollars over time to make an entry into this industry.
  • Amazon founder – Jeff Bezos
  • Chief of automaker Tesla – Elon Musk

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have fought publicly over the struggling satellite projects.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) previous month approves SpaceX’s plan to install some Starlink satellites at a lower earth orbit than intended. However, it comprises a number of terms to make sure the plan’s safe.

SpaceX agrees to accept that their satellites may clash with interference from satellites. This is under the installation under Amazon’s Kuiper Systems satellite project.



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