Raytheon receives a deal worth $228 million increase for GPS ground system

Raytheon receives a deal worth $228 million increase for GPS ground system

In an announcement on April 30, Raytheon receives a deal worth $228 million to continue the expansion of a ground system for Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. The Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center release the news.

The agreement is for the job on the functioning control system for the latest version of GPS 3 satellites made by Lockheed Martin. The approximate $6 billion ground system known as OCX has been in progress since 2012.

The Space Force continues Raytheon’s agreement till 2025. This next stage of the module is for the OCX follow-on, or OCX 3F, which involves Raytheon combining the latest version of GPS satellites called GPS 3F.

GPS 3F satellites offer the PNT for military and civilian workers. PNT stands for:
  • Positioning
  • Navigation
  • Timing
Raytheon at this time is working on OCX improvements which are expected to be delivered in 2022, including:
  • Hardened cybersecurity
  • Anti-jam capabilities
In addition, new software compatibility is necessary with the following:
  • Military’s M-code secure signals
  • Europe’s Galileo global navigation system

Barbara Baker is senior materiel leader of SMC’s construction forces command and control systems department. She says, “OCX is an adaptive architecture which designs to develop in order to combat emerging dangers.”

The OCX system for years faces trouble by software development concerns. As a result, the Air Force commissioned Lockheed Martin in order to create a provisional ground control system. This is for the GPS 3 satellites that the Air Force prepares in order to release in 2018. The upcoming satellites, and the GPS 3F, are in construction and forecast to start launching in 2026.



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