Pink Supermoon: See how spectacular the cosmic event seems from space

Pink Supermoon: See how spectacular the cosmic event seems from space

The International Space Station (ISS), on Thursday, shares a compilation of pictures, which features the ‘Super Moon’. This cosmic event arises when the Moon is at its nearest point to the Earth and at the same time is complete. As a result, the Moon seems bigger and brighter than other days. Also known as the ‘Pink Moon’, this year it seems on April 27 and 28. Also, it was the first of at least two such cosmic events this year. In a four-slide post on Instagram, ISS wrote: “The “Super Moon” was lately snapped from the station. It is a magnificent sight from space no matter what stage the Moon is in.

Description of the 4 images individually are as follows:

  • 1st photograph indicates a full Moon
  • 2nd photograph highlights a crescent
  • 3rd photograph once again reveals a Full Moon
  • 4th photograph which is clicked at night shows the Moon, Earth, ISS, and numerous stars

The ISS shares these astonishingly gorgeous pictures on Twitter as well, departing nearly everyone spellbound. The Twitter post, containing the same pictures, had previously been liked by over 26,000 people and retweeted more than 5,000 times.

A user @MelroseShow says the last picture leaves him speechless for the very same excuse. “It’s like I have seen the moon 1000 ways, however, moonlight shine on earth from space is… whoa,” the user writes further.

According to NASA, the Moon’s nearest point to the Earth is well-known as the perigee, which is an average distance of about 2,26,000 miles (3,63,300 kilometers) from the Earth. However, the disparity is not that easy to point with the nude eye.

The space agency says that the subsequent ‘Super Moon’ will arise next month, on May 26. So, in case you have missed seeing the last ‘Super Moon’, mark the date of the following one in your schedule.

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