Nomination by White House – NOAA administrator, NASA’s CFO

Nomination by White House - NOAA administrator, NASA’s CFO

The White House announces on 22nd April that it plans to designate NASA’s next chief financial officer. The candidates are ocean scientists along with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and a Defense Department official.

The White House releases that it intends to nominate Rick Spinrad to be the administrator of NOAA and undersecretary. This is for the oceans and atmosphere at the Department of Commerce. Besides, the appointment of Margaret Vo Schaus to be NASA’s chief financial officer. The two are part of 12 nominees for the role across the administration announces by the management, all of which need Senate approvals.

Details about the two nominees are as under:
  • Rick Spinrad – He is an ocean scientist who is presently a lecturer of oceanography at Oregon State University. He alternates between the university and NOAA for most of his career.
  • 2003 to 2010 – Head of NOAA’s Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
  • 2014 to 2016 – NOAA’s chief scientist.
In between, he was vice president for research at Oregon State.
  • Margaret Vo Schaus – For the last 2 years is the director of corporate operations in the Office of the Under Secretary of Research and Engineering at the Department of Defense. Before that, she holds the analyst position at the Departments of Energy. Along with being the director at the Justice and the Government Accountability Office.

A statement in regards to the nomination, Steve Jurczyk who is the acting administrator at NASA appreciates Margaret Vo Schaus. He says, “During her past work in the administration, Margaret displays extraordinary managerial skills. She shows commitment to uplift and supports a diverse team. In case of approvals, I look forward to receiving an opportunity to work with Margaret and the Biden administration. The opportunity to build and strategize a plan to execute NASA’s budget which values more than USD 20 billion. The agency ensures to maintain strong and responsible steps towards every tax dollar which is invested in NASA.”

The White House nominates Pam Melroy who is a former astronaut. He later works at the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation and DARPA. This is to be NASA deputy administrator on 16th April. The Senate Commerce Committee shares no announcement with a confirmation hearing for her nomination. However, like Nelson, she has widespread encouragement.

At the confirmation hearing, Nelson shares hints that the White House will soon appoint a woman for NASA CFO “Even though the White House shares no announcement yet, they are, I think, eyeing at the 3rd person in NASA — and you just Senate-confirm three — the chief financial officer,” he adds. “I believe they are seeing at whom we have suggested, also a woman.”

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