Perseverance to survey – The strange green rock on Mars

Perseverance to survey - The strange green rock on Mars

A strange Martian rock near the rover’s new digs is not yet penetrated the mystery. NASA is about to wait for its companion the Ingenuity helicopter. To make the first-ever powered flight, the Ingenuity helicopter is used. In the meanwhile, the instruments target the greenish-looking rock which is found on the Red Planet’s surface. Because of the incident, the science team is “trading lots of hypotheses.”

Tweets around the green rock include the following questions:

  • Is it something that weathers out of the local bedrock?
  • Does an event impact the far-flung pieces of Mars? Is it a meteorite? Or something else?
  • The rock is about 6 inches (15 cm) long. If you look closely, you might spot the row of laser marks where I zapped it to learn more.

The rock zapping SuperCam instrument includes a laser as a part of it. Scientists over time hope on the laser o share detailed insights into the rock’s composition. Once scientists receive the desired analysis, inferences help to decide whether the rock forms in a single place or makes way by some process. By chance, if the stone did not form at the current place it suggests that water has carried the rock to Jezero Crater.

NASA’s centerpiece Perseverance comprises the USD 2.7 billion Mars 2020 mission. On 18th February 2021, the operations start with a car-sized rover to explore Jezero Crater for signs of ancient life. Perseverance has a wide environment to explore which includes a deep lake and a river delta. After which the rover caches vital samples so that a possible sample-return mission undertakes later in the decade.

Perseverance comprises 7 instruments onboard. Over the mast of Perseverance sits SuperCam which shares laser shots to target rocks as far as 23 feet (7 meters) from the rover. The laser beam creates a cloud of vaporized rock. The composition of the rock has analysis by SuperCam’s cameras and spectrometers.


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