“EVE Online” Anywhere Beta allows you to play MMOs in your browser


EVE online Is a huge (and expensive) Space War. Although you can use a relatively modest PC to access it (Soon, Mac), it always helps to have a more powerful system. At least that was the case in the past.Developer CCP game It was announced today that it will start beta testing the version of the game Eve is everywhere In this way, you can play MMO almost anywhere. To view the latest version of the game, all you need is a compatible browser-Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox-and a fast enough Internet connection. More importantly, the new client will allow you to play games at 1080p and 60 frames per second without requiring you to make additional downloads.

Currently, the Beta version is open to everyone who wants to try-although you need to meet some requirements.Players currently paying for the game’s $15 per month Omega subscription can check out Eve is everywhere Any time in the limited time beta And there is no additional cost.At the same time, if you are not familiar with eve, When you create an account, the system will automatically register you for the Beta version. You can wait for an invitation from CCP, although you can skip the queue by paying the Omega subscription fee.


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